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About Our Approach

In our workshops and coaching services we will guide you through movement, meditation and lifestyle practices designed to help you create the life of your dreams. All of our team members bring you decades of intuitive, mediumistic training informed by academic research, holistic traditions and modern science. We are committed to supporting you in-person, remotely and through our team of innovative technologists.

Our services

Individualized Support

 Our most popular service is personalized, one-on-one guidance and mentorship from our team of experts. We offer introductory sessions with any of our guides and customized long-term coaching from our entire team.

Workshops & Retreats

We offer full and half-day workshops on the Rustle.NYC method to embodied spiritual development. In 2024 we will begin offering our retreats, details coming soon!

Go at Your Own Pace

We are currently developing a mobile application and online course designed to allow you to practice at your own pace when and where you want to.

Upcoming Workshops

Why Rustle.NYC?

With so many teachers of ancient and contemporary traditions alike, how do we find our way forward to the life of our dreams made reality? At Rustle.NYC we believe in a localized, in-the-now approach to movement, meditation and mediumship that honors our ancestry while supporting our own vision for our future.

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Our six-month coaching program gives you support from all of our Rustle.NYC coaches.

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We are always working on new in-person, remote and self-paced online programs to help you with your journey.

Devotion is love as a practice.

– Russell Patrick Brown

Dance is the body in prayer.

– Rev Dr Patricia L Bell

For thousands of years herbs accompanied us on our journey as a species. Re-unite with them.

– ApotheKara

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